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Martial Arts Poway, CA

Conveniently Located in Carmel Mountain—Serving the Poway Community

Welcome to our vibrant martial arts studio, serving the community of Poway, CA. Here at Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu, we’re ready to help guide you through martial arts program options with classes designed for every age and skill level.

Our team is fueled by years of experience in both practicing and teaching martial arts. We’ve seen how transformative it can be—for kids especially—to grow in such a nurturing environment.

Martial Arts isn’t just about learning how to defend oneself; it’s about cultivating joyous children, encouraging social bonds, and creating a place where families feel welcomed.

Find out how joining us could mark the beginning of an incredible adventure!

Martial Arts Classes Offered

Martial Arts Program for All Ages

Kids Classes

Kids’ classes are designed to offer children an exciting opportunity to learn self-defense in a way that is both fun and engaging. These young students gain much more than martial arts skills; they build confidence, develop discipline, and learn the importance of respecting others.

Martial Arts Instructor Andrew Eidson brings a passion for helping each child grow and achieve their best. We create a welcoming environment where kids can forge new friendships, enhance their physical fitness, and enjoy the adventure of learning martial arts.

Teens Classes

Our teen classes offer a fantastic opportunity for young learners to master self-defense, boost their confidence, and remain physically active. We prioritize creating an enjoyable classroom atmosphere where teenagers can excel, acquire martial arts techniques, and form new friendships.

We make sure every teenager feels welcome and supported on their path to becoming proficient in martial arts. Our skilled instructors lead them through challenging yet fulfilling exercises that not only improve their skills but also instill essential life values like discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Adults Classes

We provide a variety of martial arts classes that are perfect for adults interested in learning self-defense, maintaining physical fitness, or just seeking an enjoyable activity. Our adult programs accommodate all skill levels, from those who have never practiced martial arts before to advanced participants aiming to polish their techniques.

The classes are structured to challenge your boundaries while making sure you enjoy yourself and form bonds with other learners.

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Explore the vibrant world of martial arts at Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu. We offer engaging classes of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo for everyone, from kids to adults.

Martial arts isn’t just training; it’s a lifestyle that builds confidence, discipline, and community among peers and families alike. Ready to start your martial arts adventure? Reach out now!

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