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Absolutely love this Jiu Jitsu school! My son has been attending for a year, and he’s not only passionate about the classes but has also gained incredible confidence. The family-friendly atmosphere is welcoming, making every session feel like joining a supportive community. The instructors are phenomenal, fostering a sense of respect, discipline, and personal growth among the students. It’s more than just martial arts; it’s about building character and resilience. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a nurturing environment for their child to thrive in both physically and mentally. Truly a fantastic experience!

Ro Fitness

My son has been attending the 4-6 year old class for the past few months and so far our experience has been very positive. My son struggles with focusing and the instructors/sensei have been very good about keeping him engaged. They have been very patient and caring which my husband and I truly appreciate. Bringing our son to this academy makes us feel that we belong to a community. There is a strong sense of family here which you don’t get at many places. My family gives Eidson Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 5 stars for this reason.

Stephanie K

My kids LOVE Eidson BJJ. We tried several places in the area before we decided to sign up here. The instructors are so patient and kind with my boys ages five, 11, and 13. They separate classes by age and have multiple classes each week with plenty of instructors. In class they begin with warm-ups, demonstrate moves, and give everyone a chance to practice what they have learned. Everyone who attends class is really nice and it has been a pleasure watching my children gain confidence, strength, and discipline. Highly recommend!

Brooke P

Whether you are a single guy or gal looking to start jiu jitsu/judo or a family looking for a safe place for your kid/kids/family to learn, this is the place you’re looking for!! The leaders and mentors here are all people of integrity who are focused on providing quality training while maintaining a safe and respectful environment above all. The number of families who all participate create a great friendship atmosphere that blends on and off the mat. The facility is clean and the education is stellar, the teachers are knowledgeable and helpful!

Brooke K

We love Eidson Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! The sensei and instructors integrated all kids no matter what level they started! The structured classes help the kid’s development daily. The love, care, and dedication of the entire staff are admirable! I couldn’t be happier to have my son training with the Eidson Brazilian JJ family!

Beatriz N

Training at Eidson BJJ over the last few years has been an incredible experience for both my son and me. The welcoming atmosphere and positive vibe make it a second home for us.

The level of instruction for BJJ and Judo are top-notch and they offer many classes throughout the week (age, level, competition). The instructors are attentive and foster a supportive environment, contributing to our overall enjoyment and growth. Through their guidance, my son has also become a strong competitor in BJJ, placing regularly in tournaments.

Eidson BJJ truly goes beyond just training; it’s a place where skills are honed, friendships are forged, and personal growth is inevitable.

Highly recommend. See you on the mat!

Christopher A

I’ve been with Eidson BJJ for just over a year. The experience has been great. As most white belts are, I was very apprehensive to start. Joining a new martial art at 42 is a bit intimidating. They have beginner classes and the higher belts were willing to work with me at my pace. The coaches are fantastic. Don’t let fear keep you from a great workout a very useful defensive skill.

Travis P

This place is great! We’ve been coining here for a couple years now. It has helped both of my children with confidence, strength and physical ability. There are many high level instructors and the main Sensei, Andrew is warm, friendly and also disciplined. Jiu jitsu is the real thing… There are no pointless moves. My kids love it, and they’re pretty tough now too.

David G

Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu is amazing!
Andrew and Carol ensure that you are taken care of like family. My son has learned so much more than just Ju Jitsu. He has become more confident, developed friendships, and has improved his strength and flexibility. I would highly recommend Eidson Ju Jitsu.

Jen K

My kids have been going to this dojo for about two years now and I don’t see them stopping any time soon. Sensei Andrew and his staff is amazing. Small business run by the family (wife runs the desk and kids help teach)! What more can you want?! My kids have learned so much by attending classes here and definitely have a confidence boost as well. Highly recommend to anyone in the area thinking about learning martials arts!

Michael H

Eidson BJJ is nothing short from fantastic. There is excellent instruction everyday with great quality rolls and sparring. I have participated in all types of adult classes and found each insightful and challenging.

Destinee N

Great place to learn martial arts. My kids love it. We started with my son and my daughter followed few months later. Can’t believe it’s been a year since we joined this school.

Rhy R
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