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Judo San Diego

Conveniently Located in Carmel Mountain—Serving the San Diego Community

Many people think of martial arts as purely combative, but judo breaks that mold. It’s a rich blend of physical prowess and mental fortitude. In San Diego, with its lively judo community, there’s an unparalleled chance to dive into this non-striking art form.

At Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu, we bring not only years of experience to our teaching but also a genuine passion for what we do. Our instructors are more than seasoned practitioners; they’re committed mentors who take pride in guiding students on their path to mastering judo.

We’re excited to show how our academy shines within San Diego’s vibrant martial arts landscape. Get ready for an engaging journey into the heart of judo with us!

About Judo

Judo is a dynamic discipline that teaches the principles of flexibility, efficiency, and control. This martial art comes from Japan and focuses on non-striking techniques, such as throws and grappling, to overcome opponents.

It’s practiced not only for self-defense but also as a means to develop skills, building both physical power and mental toughness. The essence of judo lies in leveraging an adversary’s energy against them in the most effective way possible.

Benefits of Practicing Judo

Practicing Judo boosts physical health by providing a thorough workout that strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and builds stamina. Our judo sessions emphasize both mental and bodily discipline, pushing students to cultivate self-control and focus.

The supportive atmosphere fosters personal growth, allowing learners at various levels to progress at their own speed. Being part of the classes enhances social bonds and teamwork as students learn from one another through hands-on practice and sparring encounters.

Our Judo Classes

Judo for Kids

We offer Judo classes for kids designed to create a supportive environment where young learners can master judo techniques, build their strength, and enhance discipline. Instructor Andrew Eidson is experienced and certified, ensuring each child gets personalized attention while engaging in fun learning activities.

We focus on teaching respect, patience, and perseverance—important values that help students succeed both on the mat and in everyday life.

Judo for Teens

Our Judo for Teens program captures the essence of self-discipline and physical strength. This age group enjoys a unique blend of rigorous training combined with fun, making it ideal for teenagers looking to challenge themselves or simply stay active.

Our classes offer them an opportunity to learn valuable self-defense skills while also fostering a sense of community among peers with similar interests.

Judo for Adults

Discover specialized Judo programs in San Diego designed for adults interested in learning self-defense, boosting their fitness level, or finding a new passion. These classes welcome everyone, regardless of whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or you’re an experienced judoka looking to deepen your practice.

Safety and discipline take center stage in our training philosophy; however, we also prioritize allowing each adult to progress at a pace that feels right for them.

See What Our Students Say

Why choose Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu?

Experienced and Certified Instructors

Instructor Andrew Eidson offers a deep well of knowledge and skill in every Judo program. He holds certifications proving their expertise and commitment to teaching judo. They’ve dedicated years to refining their techniques and strategies, making them incredibly capable guides for students on their judo journey.

Positive and Supportive Learning Environment

In this dojo, creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported is a priority. Each judo class is designed to not only enhance skills but also boost confidence, fostering a community where learners uplift one another.

Students are encouraged to believe in themselves and their capabilities, pushing past boundaries they once thought were insurmountable. This nurturing environment ensures that every participant feels appreciated and inspired to achieve their highest potential in Judo.

Focus on Technique and Discipline

In each session at Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu, we emphasize correct form and strategic thinking. Instructor Andrew Eidson guides students through the complexities of Judo San Diego style, ensuring that each judoka understands not just how but why a technique works.

This meticulous approach fosters a deep respect for the art, encouraging learners to push their limits while adhering to the valued principles of discipline and focus in their training journey.

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We offer exciting Judo programs in San Diego, catering to every age and skill level. Our classes provide a unique mix of physical conditioning, self-defense skills, and mental discipline.

Engage your body and mind with our seasoned instructor who ensures a positive learning environment. Reach out now to join our family at Eidson Brazilian Ju Jitsu and start your journey today!

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